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Game # 442Boys U10 (2008) Division 2

Tuesday, Tuesday, May 22, 2018
Wellesley Park @ 19:00


King City Bu10 D2




Markham Green Bu10 D2


2330 King Road, King City, Ontario North West corner of King Road and Keele Street.

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Boys U9 (2009) Division 1
Wdb Bu9 D1PreWhit Bu9 D1
Aurbk Bu9 D1PreGS Bu9 D1
Ajaxr Bu9d1PreORB Bu9d2
RHG Bu9 D1PreMkbk Bu9 D1
OK Bu9 D1PreWdw Bu9d1
Mkgd Bu9 D1PreVaut1 Bu9 D1

Boys U9 (2009) Division 2
Umsc Bu9 D2PreAury Bu9 D2
MkGR Bu9 D2PreNewr Bu9d2
KC Bu9d2PreThorn Bu9d2
Vaut2 Bu9 D2PreMkw Bu9 D2

Boys U9 (2009) Division 3
Wdgr Bu9 D3PreLssc Bu9d3
ORW Bu9d3PreNeww Bu9d3

Boys U10 (2008) Division 1
Whit Bu10 D1PreWssc Bu10 D1
Mkbk Bu10d1PreKnscr Bu10d1
Wdb Bu10 D1PreBarb Bu10d1
Aurbk Bu10d1PreMkgd Bu10d1
ORB Bu10 D1PreWdw Bu10 D1
Vaut2 Bu10d1PreVaut1 Bu10d1
Ajaxr Bu10d1PrePGR Bu10d1
RHG Bu10 D1PreUmsc Bu10d1

Boys U10 (2008) Division 2
Newr Bu10d2PreRHW Bu10d2
Wdgr Bu10 D2PreAury Bu10d2
ORW Bu10d2PreUmsc Bu10d2
Mkw Bu10 D2PreVaut3 Bu10d2
KC Bu10d2PreMkgn Bu10d2
Wdr Bu10 D2PreThorn Bu10d2
GS Bu10 D2PreKnscb Bu10d2

Boys U10 (2008) Division 3
NewW Bu10D3PreWdy Bu10 D3
Lssc Bu10d3PreRHBK Bu10 D3
Vaut4 Bu10d3PreEG Bu10d3
Aurw Bu10d3PreThorn Bu10d3

Boys U11 (2007) Division 1
Whit Bu11 D1PrePGR Bu11 D1
Wdw Bu11 D1PreWdb Bu11 D1
Aurbk Bu11d1PreVaut2 Bu11d1
Dar Bu11D1PreAjaxr Bu11d1
Umsc Bu11d1PreORB Bu11 D1
Vaut1 Bu11d1PreKnscr Bu11d1
KCU Bu11 D1PreMkbk Bu11 D1

Boys U11 (2007) Division 2
GS Bu11 D2PreRHG Bu11 D2
Vaut4 Bu11D2PreMkgd Bu11d2
Wdr Bu11 D2PreEG Bu11 D2
ORW Bu11d2PreNewr Bu11 D2
Aury Bu11d2PreVaut3 Bu11d2
KC Bu11d2PreNeww Bu11d2
Lssc Bu11d2PreKnscb Bu11d2
Umscs Bu11d2PreUmsc Bu11 D2

Boys U13 (2005) Division 1
GSR Bu13d15 - 0 Knscr Bu13d1
ORB Bu13d16 - 2 Newr Bu13d1
Vaut1 Bu13d13 - 5 Mkbk Bu13 D1

Boys U13 (2005) Division 2
Neww Bu13 D20 - 8 Vaut2 Bu13d2
Thornb B13D20 - 6 WdEP Bu13 D2
Mkgd Bu13d23 - 2 RHW Bu13 D2

Boys U14 (2004) Division 1
Mkbk Bu14 D10 - 8 Vaut1 Bu14d1
RHG Bu14 D110 - 0 KC Bu14d1
Aur Bu14 D13 - 1 ORW Bu14 D1
Newa Bu14d14 - 4 WdRB Bu14 D1

Boys U14 (2004) Division 2
Umsc Bu14 D22 - 4 ORB Bu14d2
RHW Bu14 D22 - 2 Thorn Bu14d2

Boys U15 (2003) Division 1
Thorn Bu15d13 - 3 RHG Bu15d1
Vau2 Bu15d13 - 2 Lssc2 Bu15d1
ORW Bu15d13 - 0 New Bu15 D1
Wdr Bu15 D12 - 2 Brad Bu15 D1
Vaut1 Bu15d16 - 1 Aur Bu15 D1

Girls U10 (2008) Division 1
RHG Gu10 D1PreOR Gu10d1
GS Gu10 D1PreMkbk Gu10d1
Wdb Gu10 D1PreOK Gu10 D1
Mkgd Gu10 D1PreVaut1 Gu10d1
Whit Gu10 D1PreUmsc Gu10d1

Girls U10 (2008) Division 2
Aur Gu10 D2PreWssc Gu10 D2
RHW Gu10 D2PreWdw Gu10 D2
Mkw Gu10 D2PreVaut2 Gu10d2
EG Gu10 D2PreNew Gu10 D2

Girls U11 (2007) Division 1
Mkbk Gu11d1PreWssc Gu11 D1
Umsc Gu11d1PreOR Gu11 D1
Aurbk Gu11d1PreWdb Gu11 D1
Newr Gu11 D1PreOK Gu11 D1
PGR Gu11 D1PreWhit Gu11 D1

Girls U11 (2007) Division 2
Lssc Gu11 D2PreMkgd Gu11d2
EG Gu11 D2PreUmsc Gu11 D2
RHW Gu11 D2PreAury Gu11d2
Wdw Gu11 D2PreKC Gu11d2

Girls U12 (2006) Division 1
GS Gu12 D1PrePGR Gu12 D1
Umsc Gu12 D1PreKC Gu12d1
OR Gu12d1PreRHW Gu12 D1
Whit Gu12 D1PreBarb Gu12d1
Vaut1 Gu12d1PreMkbk Gu12 D1
Knscr Gu12d1PreAurbk Gu12d1

Girls U12 (2006) Division 2
Umc Gu12 D2PreNeww Gu12 D2
Lssc Gu12d2PreMkgd Gu12 D2
RHBK Gu12 DPreKnscb Gu12d2
Vaut2 Gu12d2PreWssc Gu12 D2

Girls U13 (2005) Division 1
Newr Gu13 D10 - 2 Wdb Gu13 D1
Mkbk Gu13 D14 - 0 RHG Gu13 D1
Aur Gu13 D12 - 4 Umsc Gu13 D1

Girls U13 (2005) Division 2
Lssc Gu13d24 - 2 NDUFC Gu13d2
RHW Gu13 D22 - 4 OK Gu13d2
Cav Gu13d21 - 7 EG Gu13 D2

Girls U14 (2004) Division 1
KC Gu14d12 - 2 Umsc Gu14d1

Girls U15 (2003) Division 1
Umsc Gu15 D14 - 0 Aur Gu15 D1
EG Gu15d10 - 0 Innis Gu15d1
Bar Gu15 D16 - 0 Lssc Gu15 D1

Girls U16 (2002) Division 1
Brad Gu16d17 - 2 KC Gu16d1
GSE Gu16 D13 - 0 Vaut1 Gu16d1
BB Gu16 D11 - 9 New Gu16 D1
Mkbk Gu16 D10 - 3 Lssc Gu16d1


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